Friday, April 07, 2006

On Bruce Springsteen: Secret Meetings

The date was set.
I had a meeting across the river with The Magic Rat.
The Boss was making his summer plans and The Rat was going to tell all.

It has been 22 years since Bruce Springsteen visited Saratoga Springs, on a rain-soaked Friday night in the summer of 1984. Now word on the street is that he will be coming back to town for the summer solstice.

There were 30,000 witnesses that night in '84 that swear they saw him strap an acoustic guitar across his torso during a late afternoon sound check to play 'Who'll Stop the Rain?' Then the rain stopped. Counting on a miracle, The Boss delivered. Later that evening, during a marathon jamboree that lasted long into the night, The Boss preached his sermon on the origins of mankind from high atop the pulpit of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

'There is conflict between worldly things and spiritual health, between desires of the flesh and spiritual ecstasy, between the mansion on the hill and the mansion in the sky,' he explained. 'They say that in the beginning, there was a Garden of Eden. There was a man and there was a woman. There was an apple, temptation, sin and -- parked curbside -- there was a pink Cadillac.'

If dreams come true, The Boss will come to play, April 7, 2006. Read more : here