Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the beach in Cuba during the Missile Crisis

It was like the Twilight Zone. Pieces of paper floated through the air, a lonely door swung quietly, the swimming pools were empty and nobody was around, not even a dog, he said.
“Next thing we look and in come some big C-130’s...and now here come the Marines, running across the road, with this big M-60 tank. Down the beach we go. The shit is going to hit the fan.”

Fifty years ago, to the day, Lee Nicholls was at Guantanamo Bay, a few yards from the ragged fence line separating the U.S. Naval Base from Cuba. He tuned his transistor radio in to the sound of John Kennedy’s voice.
“Good Evening, My Fellow Citizens,” began the somber president during an 18-minute speech that informed the nation Russian missile sites with nuclear strike capability were discovered in Cuba. Soviet ships carrying unknown cargo were also on their way.



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