Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So You Think You Want a Revolution? How About a DiVinyl One

Flanked by merchants who peddle Swiss quartz watches, “Comfort” burgers, and Egyptian belly dancing scarves, figurines of Chewbacca and Elvis stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the storefront window of DiVinyl Revolution.

Inside the shop dominated by records and CD’s, images of The Clash and The Pixies frame the far wall. Peter Frampton, with a headful of shaggy hair, and Born to Run-era Bruce Springsteen stare back from an exhibit of rock ‘n’ roll pins. The shelves are lined with music cassettes and T-shirts, videos, Japanese robot toys and an original box of Mork & Mindy colorforms.

“We do have a bit of everything,” says Brittany Nasser, seated at her desk inside the eclectic pop culture shop on a subterranean level of the Saratoga Marketplace. “It’s hard to know what people aren’t going to want.”
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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Tall and thin and with a swoop of red hair that ignites in the sunlight, 17-year-old Terrence Maydick stood at his post and watched the fury of thoroughbreds noisily cross the finish line.

“I love watching the races,” he said, the collective roar of 25,000 people funneling through the golden-topped turrets of the grandstand roof behind him. A moment later, in the post-race calm, Terrence Maydick sat back down atop his simple wood chair inside of the Winner’s Circle, and began to count time.  
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